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released March 11, 2017




four fing Anaheim, California

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Track Name: kona [feat. i m b a]
cat in the hat
stuffin the money inside of the bag
ran sack double four stack
four fingers now im past that
breathin steamin layin in my white tea
pussy sweeter than ice tea
now im shinin now im gleamin
makin music with the team
makin numbers but you see
you goofy actin hard for the scene
i wanna leave before i kill it leave a scene
disregard the downfall of shit comin out your mouth
validation to your power pass fake and i block you out
rebound now im runnin down
runnin out of time im movin fast

castaway killer grape im feelin great
sour tower in a jug i pull the pieces out and tear em up
rain forest pourin down inside my cup
feelings blended wash em out until im splendid
cry whats left until im candid
untouched of canvas i'm the one they never stranded
you can try and understand but you will never comprehend it
cut a dutch
rollin up
feelin numb
layin in the summer sun
i gave it now i'm feelin gone
now they want me gone
they could never do me wrong
Track Name: back on fing [feat. mstr shrdr]
everybody turn they back on fing
bitch i'll prosper in the spring
i got two rings on both my fings
i thrust them on your fuckin head
while you kick and scream
the madness sadness fuckin bullshit like calamity
disaster pilin on top of me
wishin there was hope you'll never get a fuckin thing
every motherfucker turn they back on fing
never wish you turned your back cus life consist of misery
pity yet you choose to weep i promised life right after death
or so you thought now who am i
everything you saved is gone
now i can feel you on this
when i hear you talkin walkin round
Track Name: plastic cups [feat. omenxiii]

livin life to busy dyin that don't mean that i ain't trying
i might own some knives but i don't think i'm violent
they all wanna talk but i just keep it quiet
they don't walk the walk i know thats why i'm walkin by em
wine in my system starin at the ceiling my mind feels like a prison
and i just cant shake the feeling
i know that they see me i know that they hate me
ima keep it workin movin at my own pace
people talkin down because they know they cannot make it
they ain't heard of you but i'll bet xiii's in their playlist
i know i ain't famous that's a good thing
ima change the game the game will never change me
10 black nails so you know me when you see
you're runnin from a nightmare so you'll never chase your dreams

four fing:

blue outside before the rain
go outside or we could waste away today
paint the clouds with hue and let them stay
hold onto the memory i remember when no words could reach of the peak
of where i choose to meet or think of when i try to sleep
i start to cry i need you here i wonder why you're never here
head up when i'm feelin left out
flip it with work now i'm mining a crowd
there's no players in my lobby
only four fing with a passion and a hobby
Track Name: unidentified [feat. i m b a]
eyes closed tight
like I never wake up
envision a better life
with some better nights
even when things get so tough
i shun out the hate and give out all my love
like there's two of me siamese
you ain't never see me
lookin at me this a new sight
waking up adjust to the daylight
everydays my reason for why
i'm breathing in the sunlight
love can be tough
but the feelings so right
i'm cookin up the recipe
the venom run inside like a snakebite
outside in the moonlight
rivers flowin thoughts collide
smash and divide and burn until
life is unidentified

i ain't workin for a
spot in line I'm workin on my own
so Ima let you know
i never ever stay alone
i got the power in me
never find me out the zone hoe
i can see you from the top
scenic route starts down below
ima make my mark and take my shot
walk the plank and drop below
sinking in the h20
you've been puttin up a show
paint you michalangelo
the sun is settin low
horizons start to go
flip the world to set in stone
the rivers fallin in with the throne
readin on my patio
night stars leavin afterglow
willows leaking indigo
rio de janeiro now
i'm bringing home the fuckin gold
Track Name: regarding the contrary [feat. i m b a]
easy come easy go
got the fuck up out the way
pussy boy you pay to play
pave the way to clear a path inside my head the labyrinth
to take me when the sabbath ends
lavishly sending the paper i use to create a grey in the air
paper thin wire eventually everyone falls
pray to my father then prey on my enemies
i don't give two fucks about you or all of your music
piece to the puzzle was missin givin no other description you claimin you live off prescriptions takin these pictures and takin elixers
and postin that shit all up over the internet claimin you famous
boy you is the lamest ain't no need to frame this cus four fing
the savior no savin em

all of my relatives askin me why i've been doin this shit
most of my relatives dead so that shit is irrelevant then
movin above and beyond the hot edge of the sun
forever and ever beyond my endeavors i promised fourever
you hearin the tremble when you speak
age and antique of somethin unique
you hearin the knowledge when i speak you pussy boys can't compete
Track Name: roses on your cheeks [feat. i m b a]
everyday is sour if you let it be
the journey so unique if you let it be
in the odyssey block out what you see as if
the tunnel spun into a funnel jumpin intervals
thinkin cynical roses on your cheeks
haven't spoke in weeks haven't spoke in six weeks
deciphering life still wondering why you're pretending you're fine
livin life as a life when it make no sense
crashing thoughts descend level out instead
signals shoot ahead flailing down again after what you said
roses on your cheeks haven't spoke in weeks
deciphering life yet i'm wondering why you're pretending you're fine
livin life as a lie when it make no sense
crashing thoughts descend

walkin round on shaky ground crawlin through the distance
can you see me now develop ways to sink into the waves
i'm happy now so safe and sound
your eyes are all i see as you're caressing me
you're all i need i realize
Track Name: illusion of time [feat. curtis heron]
Felt connection you can feel the change when you get the charge
And your whole world glows
Because that special someone lets you know
That you're the best thing that anyone knows
This person helps me grow
When time moves slow
She helps the pain go
When the wounds flow
Lay low, beneath my side
The rhythm for reason is inside your eyes
Glowing loud burning heart
Hear gleaming sounds
Creep beneath understand
And bury deep in something profound
I can feel your hurt and I want your pain
So you can let go but and think I'm insane
Feelings fly faster than the trains
But the memories come and they tend to remain
So I use these ways to let it all out
So now when I think about it you're all I think about
I know that he lied for so long
And tried to take the scars away and it takes too long
And we don't got time to sit and wait around
To watch things go before it's too late
We're all gonna go one day
Track Name: prophecy
i thought of metropolis
I’ve had enough of this
not what i thought for a life of dependency
wish i could look but theres no heaven i can see
worked to acquire
undoubtable peaks
limited people
around me for free
in love with the people
as if it were somethin to be
don’t believe inside the prophecy
opinions delivered they go up up out of me
intentions were pure
i was really just wondering
how you acquired physique
charisma intelligence
something about you i find so unique
is it the patterns of voices you make
in the way that you speak
say that you love me
i find that so hard to believe
caught up in problem
thats made of beliefs
attribute my life to this mess
when my inner man said to go get it i figured it out
Track Name: purgatory [feat. i m b a]
purgatory this is my life story
I'm stuck in between the sheets and I'm feeling sorry
the nights are starry without the lights
I'm staring in those blue eyes
looking past all the lies
but this the last time
that I'll tell you why cus i'm in purgatory
this is my life story
i gave all my love to you and I'm feelin sorry
you broke all my promises
I'm feeling numb
knowing who I've become
I sound so very glum
now I love who I've become
i thought it's too late to cry
and I wonder why
I thought
the worst decision
I ever made was loving you
but you helped me be me
who I am now so thank you
but i move on and I choose you and i've been distant submissive
wishin there was something that I could do
i wonder if it's me, or the problem is you